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Otar 'Bemet

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Otar 'Bemet
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Otar 'Bemet was a Sangheili who conspired to kill Arbiter Thel 'Vadam in 2555.[1]


In 2555, 'Bemet organized a team of six Sangheili who were to meet in an abandoned servants quarters in the Qish'tani region of Tolvuus, Sanghelios.[1] Their plan was to infiltrate a weapon production facility five kilometers from the building and use the weapons they stole to kill Arbiter Thel 'Vadam.[2] 'Bemet held a deep hatred for 'Vadam for making peace with the humans and felt he should die for his betrayal of the Sangheili.[1]

However, 'Bemet's plan failed when one of the Arbiter's soldiers, Usze 'Taham, entered the building and told him that all of his co-conspirators were either dead or captured.[3] 'Bemet and 'Taham engaged in an energy sword fight in which the former fought hard using the 'Anyame technique; however, 'Taham was familiar with the technique and turned 'Bemet's aggression against him, stabbing the rebel in the back after a counter move.[4] Otar's last memory was of his wife Ilta, who had died while attempting to create an incendiary device for use against the Arbiter.[1]

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