'Anyame technique

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"All who trained under the Rule of 'Sumai are familiar enough with 'Anyame technique."
Usze 'Taham[1]

'Anyame technique is a Sangheili fighting technique developed by Xaebho 'Anyame, an esteemed swordsman. The technique requires its users to move in an extremely systematic sequence to allow them to quickly detect an opponent's strengths and weaknesses by mentally cataloging said opponent's blocks to the user's feints and attacks.[1]

'Anyame technique is taught by Xaebho 'Anyame in the fortress of Deithvo. All Sangheili warriors living in Sumai keep, including Usze 'Taham, are familiar with the method and are taught to counter it by feigning incompetence. Otar 'Bemet was a skilled user of this technique.[1]

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