ONI Recon 111

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ONI Recon 111 is a UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence military unit.[1]

Operational History[edit]

ONI Recon 111 was stationed near Voi during the Battle of Kenya in November 2552. It was tasked with reporting Covenant activity near the ruins of the city of Mombasa, which had been glassed by Covenant warships.

ONI Recon 111 reported to Commander Miranda Keyes that the Covenant cruisers had found something within the crater that they were digging. Keyes ordered them to retreat shortly after they reported. Later, Fleet Admiral Hood ordered a strike on the Covenant forces to stop them from activating the Portal in the crater.


  • The unit is featured in the campaign level Tsavo Highway of Halo 3.
  • As a reconnaissance and intelligence unit, it is likely part of ONI Section I.
  • This is the first time ONI is ever mentioned in the game.

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