M395 DMR/Gameplay

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Halo 4[edit]

  • The M395 DMR appears in the campaign missions Infinity, Reclaimer, Shutdown, and Composer.
  • On Legendary, the DMR can break an Elite's shields in seven shots.
  • The DMR takes one more trigger pull to kill than the Battle Rifle, but makes up for this with a semi-automatic firing mode, a 3× zoom, and lack of muzzle climb, making it more effective at longer ranges.
  • It falls short of the LightRifle's long range effectiveness, but is still somewhat flexible at medium and close ranges and can fire two more shots.
  • The DMR is great for killing crawlers at long range.
  • The DMR in Halo 4 is considered an upgrade to the M392 DMR from Halo: Reach, due to heavily reduced reticle bloom, increased accuracy for continuous fire, and a higher rate of fire.
  • The DMR works best on maps with open sightlines, like Ragnarok.

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

  • The M395B DMR is the preferred starting weapon of Frederic-104 and Holly Tanaka.
  • The M395B DMR features a 15-round magazine, just like the M392 DMR from Halo: Reach, with a maximum reserve magazine limit of 3, just like the M395 DMR from Halo 4.
  • At launch, the M395B DMR had a much higher rate of fire, almost similar to that of the M6H2. It has since been decreased in the November 2017 update to be only marginally faster than the Halo 4 M395 DMR.
    • Due to the lowered firing rate, M395B DMR users should not be concerned with reticle bloom as it is almost nonexistent with the weapon, meaning they can still land accurate shots more easily.
  • In Arena, the DMR is commonly featured in the SWAT multiplayer game mode.
  • In Warzone, the DMR can be equipped with various attachments:
    • Long Barrel, which increases the weapon's red reticle range, aim assist, and bullet magnetism.
    • Laser Targeter, which increases the weapon's accuracy by reducing bullet spread.
    • Silencer, which is useful for stealth kills and surprise engagements in an enemy base.
    • Stabilization Jets, which reduce vertical recoil to virtually nothing.
    • Kinetic Bolts, which provide extra damage against vehicles. This is useful if the player cannot requisition power weapons when fighting Pnap-pattern Goblins or other enemy vehicles.
    • Energy Bayonet and Knight Blade, useful for close range engagements. The latter is even more useful against vehicles.
  • The DMR should be paired with a fully automatic weapon like the Assault Rifle or a close range weapon like the Scattershot and Shotgun, in case the player has to deal with enemies both from afar and up close.