Long Time Coming

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Long Time Coming
Long Time Coming.png
Production information


Prospect explorer


Covert operations


Slipspace drive:

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine


Ground vehicles

Service information


August 2552[note 1]

Participated battles:

Operation: BLOWBACK

Noteworthy crewmembers:

Known commanders:

Captain Moreland



Long Time Coming was a prospecting vessel in commission with the Office of Naval Intelligence.[1][2] The ship had a sizeable cargo bay for prospecting equipment and a transmitter for raising a Slipbeacon. It was registered to the colony world Oasis VI as a cover.[3] In 2552 her commanding officer was Captain Moreland and her primary shipboard AI was Iona.


In 2552, Long Time Coming was commissioned by the Office of Naval Intelligence to carry SPARTAN-II Team Black in a covert mission in a Covenant-controlled sector of space. Unfortunately, the ship was destroyed by Line Installation 1-4's defenses while in slipspace. Consequently, it transitioned back to normal space and crash landed on an unidentified moon.[3]


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