Logistical Operations Command

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Logistical Operations Command
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United Nations Space Command




Logistics organizer


Distributes and keeps track of materiel.


The Logistical Operations Command (NAVLOGCOM or NavLogCom), also known as the UNSC Logistical Corps, is one of the three branches of the UNSC Naval Command. The branch oversees construction, maintenance, and distribution of all things relating to the UNSC Navy, including ships, ammunition, food, and replacement parts.[1]


NavLogCom ensures that all materials and equipment used by the UNSC Navy reach their destinations and keeps track of all supplies and all things vital for the maintenance of the UNSC Navy. The patch of the branch consisted of clasping hands. A subsection of NavLogCom is the Office of Investigations. Kurt Ambrose was once a member of this command.[2]


After Spartan-II Blue Team went rogue on Meridian in October 2558, Spartan-IV Fireteam Osiris was placed under the Logistical Operations Command's operational command and tasked with retrieving Blue Team.[3]

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