Karo'wark-pattern Ghost/Gameplay

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  • Unlike previous games, the Ghost in Halo 5: Guardians can perform a super glide. This is done by pressing the melee button (default: RB).
    • The super glide allows Ghosts to fly over obstacles easily, in the same manner as the Wraith.
  • The Ghost is much more maneuverable, features more powerful plasma cannons, and has better handling than in previous games.
  • If the Ghost is shot at the spinning engine covers on its side, the engines will then be exposed. Shooting at the engines greatly damages the Ghost; only one shot from a Binary Rifle can destroy a Ghost if firing at the exposed engines.


  • The Type-54 Ghost is only found in the following missions: Swords of Sanghelios, Enemy Lines, Genesis, and Guardians.
    • In the latter two missions, the Ultra Ghost variant can be found, with better armor and explosive plasma rounds. In Genesis, the player can hijack it from Elites and Armiger Soldiers, while in Guardians, it is found next to a Forerunner door in the core valley and can also be obtained from Grunts.
  • In Swords of Sanghelios, the Ghost is a sound option for escaping the Covenant forces that drop in just outside of the Elder Council Chamber. This is useful if the player wants to speedrun the mission.
    • The player will mostly find Sword Ghosts in this mission, which have better armor over the standard model.
  • In Enemy Lines, on the way to the temple grounds, there are multiple Grunts in Ghosts, some near armies of Suicide Grunts. The player must focus on killing the Ghost Grunts and avoiding or killing the Suicide Grunts from a safe distance.
  • In Guardians, if the player gets an Ultra Ghost into the final arena, the Ultra Ghost can come in very handy against the multitudes of Prometheans that spawn.


  • Should you attempt to splatter someone with a Ghost, do not boost until you are about 1.1 Scorpion lengths away from them. Any farther and they will have time to either jump, boost to the side, or worse, stick you with a Plasma Grenade or hijack you. If you miss the ram, break out the plasma cannons, or hit the boost and find another target.
  • The best way to take a Ghost from a foe is to trick it. Dodge a Ghost and it may boost into the wall, while it backs out it can be easily boarded from behind. For additional insurance in securing the vehicle, use a Plasma Pistol overcharge, Splinter Grenade, or Grenade Launcher detonation to short the Ghost out so it can't back away before you get close enough to hijack it.
  • While driving a Ghost, always try and keep your front to the enemy. The back and sides offer little protection, as well as the massive weak spots of the engine cores on the sides.
  • Warzone features three additional variants of the Ghost:
    • Sword Ghost: an improved variant with better armor, allowing for more extended engagements.
    • Ultra Ghost: a Superior variant with even heavier armor and higher speed compared to the Sword model and explosive plasma rounds, which make it more useful against vehicles and heavy armor.
    • Temple Ghost: a Masterwork variant with normal armament, the same armor as the Ultra model, better handling over other Ghosts, and the ability to shoot while boosting, making it very useful for quick hit-and-run engagements.
  • Also, in Warzone, there are multiple Covenant bosses that pilot Ghosts, either as standard boss variants with a unique red Ghost or a Sword Ghost or Legendary bosses in Temple Ghosts. These Ghosts have far more health and do far more damage than player-controllable Ghosts, but can otherwise still be easily destroyed with heavy vehicles or heavy weapons.
  • Players using Ghosts in Warzone or Warzone Firefight should be careful when fighting Prometheans, as Soldiers can easily get close to them and hijack their Ghosts, thus resulting in wasted REQ cards unless another player stops the enemy Soldier dead in his tracks. Keep your distance and use the plasma cannons to tear through their armor unless your sure you can get the hit. Soldiers with Splinter Turrets are a good target since they're far slower and can't throw grenades, but be wary of assaulting them head on, as their turrets can do serious damage to any Ghost model.
  • The plasma cannons on a Ghost have no damage fall off, and are surprisingly accurate. Use the range to engage enemies and harass foes behind cover while your team moves in for the flank. The Ultra Ghost takes this to 11 by offering explosive shots as well.
  • If at all possible, avoid engaging heavier vehicles like Scorpions and Wraiths and flying vehicles of any kind. The Ghost doesn't have the punch to get through tank armor, and its cannons have a limited height elevation, making rapid high-flying evasive targets near impossible to hit. Escape and evasion is the preferable tactic.
  • Always remember; while friendly fire from weapons and grenades is off, vehicle impacts can still kill your teammates. Be sure your path is clear before hitting the boost.