Jardam Wing

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Jardam Wing is a Banshee aerial unit in service to the Swords of Sanghelios. On October 27, 2558, the wing took part in the aerial assault led by the Arbiter on a Covenant Shuul'se-pattern Kraken on Sanghelios while Fireteam Osiris attempted to retrieve a Forerunner Constructor in a nearby Forerunner structure. As Covenant ground forces began to retreat into nearby temple ruins, Jardam, Lar and Siqtar wings engaged enemy Banshees as well as the Kraken. All wings were advised by Flight Leader not to attack from below the Kraken's lower deck due to the threat posed by its legs, though Siqtar wing chose to ignore this advice and attacked the Kraken's pulse generator room, forcing the Kraken and its accompanying ground forces to move away from the Spartans' path. As Osiris approached the Constructor, the Arbiter ordered all wings to attack the Kraken as it stood guard over the entrance, and they were joined by Osiris in hijacked Promethean Phaetons. The Arbiter's wings continued to cover Osiris from the air as they boarded the Kraken and destroyed its pulse generator, allowing them to enter the Constructor site.[1]

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