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Huki 'Umamee
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September 21, 2552

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Huki 'Umamee was a Sangheili warrior serving in Covenant Special Operations as an officer during the Human-Covenant War. He was killed in active duty during the Battle of Installation 04.[1]


Battle of Installation 04[edit]

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Huki 'Umamee was one of the many Covenant personnel serving in the Fleet of Particular Justice in August 2552, when the fleet departed the Fall of Reach to pursue UNSC Pillar of Autumn's exodus from the battle only to arrive at Installation 04 on September 19. On September 21, 'Umamee and twenty-nine other Special Operations troops led by Zuka 'Zamamee hijacked Charlie 217, a D77-TC Pelican dropship operated by the lone United Nations Space Command pilot Rick Hale, and used it to begin the Battle of Alpha Base.[2] During the battle, 'Umamee was killed by the base's defending personnel.[1]

After the attack on Alpha Base was repelled, Zuka 'Zamamee took on the identify of Huki 'Umamee to insert himself into the ranks of the security complement tasked to Pillar of Autumn's crash site, fearing that the use of his own name would have him executed for his failures to assassinate John-117. While initially fearful that this ruse would be questioned, the unit's commander 'Ontomee simply proved grateful to have a Special Operations Officer among his rank. Despite this, 'Zamamee (under the guise of 'Umamee) tasked Yayap with most of his leadership duties as to avoid being questioned.[1]

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