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This article's title is a callsign, an alias, or a nickname, as no proper name for the subject has been revealed.
This article is about the prisoner of war onboard Mona Lisa. For captain of the human freighter This End Up, see Henry Gibson.
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Presumably October 25, 2552[1]

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Covenant, later temporary alliance with Lopez's squad.


"Henry" was the name given to a Sangheili prisoner of war aboard the human prison ship Mona Lisa.[2]


The Mona Lisa[edit]

Main article: Skirmish on Mona Lisa

After being captured by the UNSC, he and an unknown amount of his compatriots were brought on board the Mona Lisa for study under the authority of ONI officer John Smith. After jumping into the Soell system, and recovering samples of the Flood from the remains of Installation 04, Smith and his team then began experimenting on the Flood, starting by infecting other Sangheili, then human prisoners. At an unknown point in time, the Flood broke out from capture, running rampant. During the outbreak, Henry and several other Sangheili freed some of the human prisoners in order to help them combat the Flood. Henry would release a prisoner named Patrick Rimmer, saving him from an infected guard.[3] Somehow, the two survived the horrors of the outbreak to hole up in a maintenance room. Rimmer called him Henry, due to the lack of the ability to communicate names.[4]

Rimmer protecting Henry from the Marines.

Days later, they were found by Benti, Gersten and Clarence, surviving members of Sergeant Lopez's squad, which had been sent to investigate after a survivor had found his way to an escape pod and was found by the prowler Red Horse.[5] After fighting their way through the infection, Benti, Rimmer and Henry formed somewhat of a bond, working together with enough efficiency to regroup with MacCraw and Lopez, the other survivors of the squad. Saving Benti from Flood attacks on two occasions, Henry earned enough trust from Benti to be given the assault rifle originally assigned to Rimmer.[6] As they battled their way toward the escape pods, Benti was injured by a Flood form. Without hesitation, Henry picked her up and proceeded to carry her the rest of the way.[7]

Upon reaching the pods, Clarence revealed his status as a Section III operative, eliminating Rimmer, much to the grief and rage of Henry. MacCraw, meanwhile, took one of the remaining escape pods leaving only one behind. Benti, being previously injured, forced Clarence into the Flood beyond them, sacrificing both their lives. Henry and Lopez battled the remaining Flood to secure the airlock. Once the doors were sealed and the last Flood destroyed, they realized that the remaining escape pod could not fit them both, forcing the two to have to fight for it. Lopez was out of ammo and Henry still had his cricket bat. With thirty seconds left until the Mona Lisa was destroyed by the Shiva-class nuclear missile launched by the Red Horse, the two fought for the pod.[8]

No Sangheili was recorded as having been aboard the Red Horse following the event, implying that whether or not "Henry" managed to escape the Mona Lisa, either the prowler did not pick him up or ONI erased all records of his presence onboard after the nuclear strike.[9]


Even though part of the Covenant, Henry learned to trust humans. When he was given the assault rifle, he did not use the opportunity to shoot any of them. Also of note is that he didn't hesitate to take the weapon - most Sangheili would rather fight unarmed than with a human weapon. This may either be because of his bond with Rimmer, or simply from sheer necessity given that the Flood are running amok aboard the Mona Lisa.

Rimmer often had a tendency to pat Henry when he was talking about the Sangheili. Henry was visibly uncomfortable about coming in physical contact with him despite their bond.[4]


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