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This project has been discontinued. Any activities discussed here have been postponed indefinitely. Do not edit the contents of this page.

Halopedian Recreational Gaming
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Community Social Gaming (CSG), previously known as Halopedia Warz, was created in 2007 as a collaborative gaming effort by former administrator RelentlessRecusant. At first Halopedia Warz was a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing, with matches scheduled whenever Relentless was available. Later on Halopedia Warz turned into an internal gaming network where organized teams faced each other in Halo 2 & Halo 3. When RelentlessRecusant took an indefinite leave of absence in 2009, the responsibilities were taken up by CommanderTony and Spirit-of-HALO (now known as Killjax) as a way to bring the local gaming community together. Due to time constraints however, Halopedia Warz was put on hiatus.

As a way to promote the release of Halo 4, Halopedia Warz was revitalized and reorganized into "Community Social Gaming" as Halopedia's new social gaming effort.

You can check out older matches of CSG, as well as Halopedia Warz, here.

Become a Member

If you are interested in Community Social Gaming, please review our requirements before proceeding. Once you have met the requirements, please list your username below.

A member of Halopedia for at least 2 months.
An Xbox 360 console with an Xbox LIVE-Gold subscription.
A copy of Halo 4.

Please use the format provided when displaying your username, gamertag, and time-zone:

{{User|PlaceUsernameHere}} - PlaceGamertagHereGamertag - Continent: North America, UK, Europe, etc. - PST, CST, EST, GMT, etc.Time-zone

Once you're finished, you will receive a message from one of the Community Leaders regarding your interest in Community Social Gaming. Your identification will then be transferred over to the Community Roster.

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Community Leaders


Each match or game session will be coordinated by one or two hosts. It is the responsibility of these hosts to establish the game and monitor the behavior of players.

  • Please message Spartacus if you are interested in becoming a dedicated host.

Volunteers and temporary hosts for less-organized games will be requested upon on a need-for basis.

Mark V Recon Armor.png

Rules & Gaming Etiquette

  • Sportsmanship: Respect fellow Halopedians on the field of battle, regardless if they are on your team. This is just a game, poor conduct and extremely foul language will not be tolerated.
  • Teamwork: Work as a team to achieve victory over the opposing team, not participating without prior warning will result in the exclusion of that day's events.
  • Enjoyment: Make this a fun, exciting, and enjoyable environment for everybody. Do not shun other players with profanities, racial slurs, or other hateful comments. As stated before, this is just a videogame... treat it as that.
  • Requirements: Halopedians must have a copy of Halo 4 to participate as well as any downloadable-content (DLC) that are subsequently released after the game's launch (there will be exceptions however, but it is heavily advised); in addition, have an up-to-date Xbox LIVE Gold subscription.
  • Participation: Matches will begin shortly after the posted time. Players who are scheduled to game and have been organized into their respective teams will need to participate.

Upcoming Matches and Schedules

(Time, date, and game settings are subject to change)
See Time-zone Map for accurate time-tables

Community Roster

Only Community Leaders are allowed to edit the roster. Any tampering of the list will be reverted
Halopedians who are interested in our Gaming Events and other cooperative sessions will need to sign-up first before their user identification is placed below

Current members of CSG are listed below with their respective Xbox Live gamertags and regional time-zones.

Denotes player interests within CSG:

  • Armorer.png - Custom Gaming
  • Operation Completion.png - Cooperative/Spartan-Ops
Current Members
  1. Porplemontage (talk | contribs) - porplemontage Armorer.png - Continent: North America -EST
  2. Tentacletornado (talk | contribs) - Tentacletornado Armorer.pngOperation Completion.png - Continent: Europe -GMT
  3. Masterchief46517 (talk | contribs) - GraveSpartan 21 Armorer.pngOperation Completion.png - Continent: North America - PST
  4. Killamint (talk | contribs) - Killamin7 Armorer.pngOperation Completion.png - Continent: North America -EST
  5. Rusty-112 (talk | contribs) - Rus7y112 Armorer.png Operation Completion.png - Continent: North America -EST
  6. Spartansniper450 (talk | contribs) - Snipes450 Armorer.pngOperation Completion.png - Continent: North America - EST
  7. Spartan331 (talk | contribs) - JackVibe Armorer.png Continent: Asia -CST
  8. CraZboy557 (talk | contribs) - craZboy557 Armorer.png Continent: North America -EST
Player vs. Player.png

Custom Gaming

Participating players will be assigned to either the Red or Blue team upon each Gaming Event.


Assigned Players:


Assigned Players:



If you're interested in the Campaign or Spartan Ops, but don't want to go at it alone, then send a message to the dedicated host to have your name added to the list below. This will let any member of CSG know that you are available to play the Campaign or Spartan Ops with. Remember, once you're on the list you will be susceptible to occasional invites, if any.

If for some reason you do not want to be on the list, or do not have the time anymore, just ask to be removed and we will promptly do so.


Available players:

  1. Spartansniper450 (talk | contribs) - snipes450
  2. Killamint (talk | contribs) - Killamin7
  3. Tentacletornado (talk | contribs) - Tentacletornado
  4. Masterchief46517 (talk | contribs) - GraveSpartan 21
  5. Rusty-112 (talk | contribs) - Rus7y112
  6. CraZboy557 (talk | contribs) - craZboy557

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