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April 1st


A true Halo God: RC Master - Highspeed Halo

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November 9, 2011



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About me

I mostly take a backseat to editing. I prefer to read the info since I love the Halo universe and make changes when necessary. My current Halo 4 avatar:



Favorite Halo moment

Winning the first round of a competion in Halo CE. The competition was held at a gamestop during the release of Halo 2 and the first round was a 16 player free-4-all on blood gulch. I stayed in one area and killed anyone who spawned nearby winning the match and bearly died in the process. I didn't win the next round (on different level w/ 8 players) but still it was a moment to remember!

Worst Halo moment

Getting my ass kicked in a 4 to 4 Halo Anniversary multi player team match. Two of my teammates left the game leaving me and another against 4 others. Two players on the opposite team were really good and killed me by constantly double teaming me.

Anything else

I'm a big time fan of Halo and was even considered a Halo god when playing Halo CE. I'm no longer a god but of course I still love the series!

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Isn't Dutch supposed to be 195 cm? He was clearly taller than the rest of the ODST's.


Hey Killamint,

Need to ask for a favour. Can you please rename all Halo 4 armor permutation images (File:H4 Air Assault.png) to the following format: File:H4 MJOLNIR ARMORNAMEHERE.png

I'm revamping the entire Halo 4 armor permutation page soon, and I think it is better if all images have the same filename format.


I most certainly will. I'm having a field day on my end. Makes me real excited! :-)


I'm afraid not. Be nice if they were. I did just update the page you just created.