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April 1st


CAD Technician


A true Halo God: RC Master - Highspeed Halo

A very good Halo 4 review: Dark Sangheili

A good Halo canon reviewer: Halo Canon aka Toa Freak

My twitter account: @Killamin7


TESST College of Technology

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I mostly take a backseat to editing. I prefer to read the info since I love the Halo universe and make changes when necessary. My current Halo 4 avatar:



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Favorite Halo moment

Winning the first round of a competion in Halo CE. The competition was held at a gamestop during the release of Halo 2 and the first round was a 16 player free-4-all on blood gulch. I stayed in one area and killed anyone who spawned nearby winning the match and bearly died in the process. I didn't win the next round (on different level w/ 8 players) but still it was a moment to remember!

Worst Halo moment

Getting my ass kicked in a 4 to 4 Halo Anniversary multi player team match. Two of my teammates left the game leaving me and another against 4 others. Two players on the opposite team were really good and killed me by constantly double teaming me.

Anything else

I'm a big time fan of Halo and was even considered a Halo god when playing Halo CE. I'm no longer a god but of course I still love the series!

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Isn't Dutch supposed to be 195 cm? He was clearly taller than the rest of the ODST's.


Hey Killamint,

Need to ask for a favour. Can you please rename all Halo 4 armor permutation images (File:H4 Air Assault.png) to the following format: File:H4 MJOLNIR ARMORNAMEHERE.png

I'm revamping the entire Halo 4 armor permutation page soon, and I think it is better if all images have the same filename format.


I most certainly will. I'm having a field day on my end. Makes me real excited! :-)


I'm afraid not. Be nice if they were. I did just update the page you just created.


Oh cool Mark V like me. I really like the color too. Sleek.


When logged onto Halo Waypoint, click on your gamertag link in the upper right-hand corner. That will take you to page that shows a brief overview of your game stats, as well as an image of your Spartan. Right click your mouse over the Spartan and save the image. Then you can upload it. That's basically what I did. Let me know how it goes. :)


Putting your image in the article's gallery would be fine, I think.


Yeah, no problem! Love to help! Personally, I don't really care much for the steampunk-ish type weapon skins either. The M6H weapon skin kinda reminded me a little bit of Señora Sies from Halo: The Cole Protocol, though. On the whole, the weapon skins make them look like Wild Western-style Winchester and Colt weapons (which I do admire, the genuine guns themselves, I mean).


Hey, I guess you get your wish. A bunch of renders was released for the Champions Bundle Pack on Halo Waypoint, so I'll be working on those tomorrow, along with several weapons too.