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Halo Trading Cards

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Three of the trading cards.

"Halo Trading Cards will be a must-have for gamers who have played the Halo series. Awesome Character Cards and Bios of all the major Halo heroes and foes. Stunning artwork showcasing the intricacies of the Halo universe, starting at Halo 3's very first sneak peek. Groundbreaking visuals from the games that will have your pulse pounding with anticipation for the next Halo installment. New Visions subset showcasing brand new art commissioned from Topps, not seen anywhere else. Multiple levels of collectible inserts including Foil Cards and Embossed Foil Cards."

Halo Trading Cards are a series of trading cards, featuring characters, vehicles, events and other imagery from the Halo universe. The cards are manufactured by the company Topps and each card includes an image and a short amount of information on the subject. Below is a list of the various cards from the series, along with their corresponding text.


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