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Genemender Folder of Fortune
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Several years prior to 97,445 BCE

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Genemender Folder of Fortune was a Forerunner Lifeworker who lived during the Forerunner-Flood war.


He was stationed on Installation 07, where he maintained a small station adjoining a human village on a jungle plateau.[1] Following the Master Builder's complete takeover of operations on the ring and the escalation of the civil conflict between Builder Security and the other rates, Genemender camouflaged his station, with a system similar to a dazzler or baffler.[2] He also received orders, evidently from the Librarian, with gathering all of the humans from Erde-Tyrene within his area of jurisdiction and archiving their personalities so that their genetically imprinted ancient human essences could not be acquired by the Master Builder, killing their physical bodies in the process. He also did the same for himself to avoid having to serve the Master Builder, becoming an ancilla stored within a monitor shell.[3]

In order to refresh the archived personalities and keep company for the ape Mara, Genemender occasionally allowed the humans to appear as hard light projections like himself and simulate physical interaction.[4] Among these humans was a small group of Denisovans, including Kirimt. To maintain an illusion of safety for any humans he might find, Genemender continued to appear as a hard light projection of his biological form and did not reveal his true state to them. While the human village surrounding his station gradually deteriorated, Genemender had the wooden structures projected in the appearance of their pristine form via hard light as well.[5]

After Genemender encountered Chakas, Vinnevra and Gamelpar, he took them in the compound and fed them. The following night, Genemender took Chakas to his station, hidden within the village, and was forced to reveal the truth about the humans in his compound as well as the history of the events on the ring. He then proceeded to extract Chakas' essence in accordance with his instructions, but the human attacked him, only to find that the Lifeworker was also an incorporeal projection. Genemender revealed that as an ancilla, he was bound by protocol and could not force Chakas to relinquish his physical form, only strongly encouraging him to do so. Chakas adamantly refused and returned outside, where he discovered that Gamelpar was dying. Genemender stated that they should salvage the ancient warrior imprint the old man carried, but Gamelpar adamantly refused, instead wanting to die with dignity.[6]

Shortly afterward, the compound experienced a power outage and the Genemender ancilla powered down along with the other archived personalities and monitors.[6]

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