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Kirimt was a male Denisovan who lived on Installation 07 during the later years of the Forerunner-Flood war.[1] Having been born on Earth, he carried an ancestral memory imprint provided by the Librarian. These memories were deemed valuable by Master Builder Faber, who sought to extract them to discover ancient humanity's secret to defeating the Flood. In order to accomplish this, the Master Builder had many Earth humans, Kirimt included, transported to Installation 07.

He and a number of fellow Denisovans and other kinds of humans lived in a village on Installation 07, but after the hostility between the Master Builder and the Lifeworkers intensified, Genemender Folder of Fortune, under orders evidently given by the Librarian, scanned and archived the minds of Kirimt and the other humans in the area in order to prevent their imprinted essences from falling into the hands of the Master Builder.[2]

While Kirimt's physical body was killed as a result of the archiving, Genemender occasionally let the digitized selves of him and the other humans "out", allowing them to physically interact using simulated, but life-like, hard light bodies.[2] His projection, along with several other Denisovans, were present when Genemender encountered Chakas, Vinnevra and Gamelpar and led them to the village.[1] The simulated manifestations of Kirimt and his compatriots later disappeared when the area experienced a power outage.[3]

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