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A list of features in Halo 2: Anniversary Forge mode.

Forge is a gamemode featured in the multiplayer component of Halo 2: Anniversary. The iteration of Forge in Halo 2: Anniversary, like the rest of the multiplayer component, is based on that of Halo 4 and as a result carries many similarities to that featured in Halo 4.

The PC release of Halo 3 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection on July 14, 2020 added the toggle support axes rotation.[1]

Changes from Forge mode featured in Halo 4[edit]

A showcase of the new terrain pieces available on the map Awash.


Main article: Forge Objects in Halo 2: Anniversary
  • Objects have been updated to support the gear available in Halo 2. This means that features such as Promethean weaponry, Armor abilities and some vehicles have been taken away but new weapons and vehicles such as the Sentinel beam, Hog, "infected" red energy sword and Heretic Banshee are available to use. Some weapons and equipment not in the original Halo 2 such as the assault rifle, Gungoose, Hornet and suppressed SMG. Players can also place ammunition boxes for the sniper rifle and rocket launcher.
  • Inclusion of additional scripting objects to further enhance map interactivity. This includes interactive map objects such as the gate that can be opened on Stonetown.
  • Although most objects once again retain similar designs to the ones featured in Halo: Reach, the items have once again undergone a visual change. Where in Reach they resembled Forerunner structures and in Halo 4 they resembled UNSC bases, they now have a neutral stone and metal look, somewhat similar to the ruins found on Installation 05.
    • These visual changes also allow object hitboxes to be more consistent with their textures.
    • In addition, many objects which do no have perfect symmetry (such as many building objects) now have alternate variants to allow for symmetrical map making.
  • A vastly expanded palette of natural terrain pieces including foliage, cliffs and rocks.
  • Budget removed and replaced with a hard object limit, and a performance meter.
  • Structure objects can now be placed in all multiplayer maps aside from the Forge canvases.

Object manipulation[edit]

  • Magnets are now placed via computer, making them more precisely placed unlike their Halo 4 iterations.
  • Implementation of a "snap to ground" feature.
  • Implementation of an "align to ground" feature.
  • Restored precision zoom and placement that was accidentally removed in Halo 4.


A remake of the map Beaver Creek created in Forge.

Halo 2: Anniverary launched with three Forge canvases. Unlike previous Forge canvases, the canvases available in Halo 2: Anniversary feature only skyboxes and no/ little terrain, allowing players to construct terrain from scratch.

  • Awash - The only map to feature any kind of terrain, this map is set in the middle of a shallow ocean similar in appearance to that of Forge Island. The ocean can be walked in without dying, but the map features no other terrain.
  • Nebula - This map features the same skybox as the Halo 4 map Impact, and is set in space. The map has no terrain.
  • Skyward - This map features the same skybox as the Halo 2: Anniversary map Zenith but with all existing terrain removed, allowing players to forge above the surface of a Halo ring.

Halo 2: Anniversary also allows players to Forge structure objects on all other maps shipped with the game, effectively expanding the Forge map palette to include all Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer maps.