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Csongrád was a location in the Highland Mountains on the human colony world Reach, home to ONI's CASTLE Base.[1][Note 1]


Halseys residency[edit]

By May 8, 2551, this community was the residence of Dr. Catherine Halsey.[1]

Fall of Reach[edit]

During the Fall of Reach, contact was lost with UNSC forces in the region.[2]


Csongrád like many other communities on Reach, was named after a place in Hungary.


  1. ^ In the third Data Drop, Csongrád is mentioned as one of Dr. Halsey's two primary work sites alongside Babd Catha (SWORD Base); given that she had her permanent office in CASTLE Base, this indicates that the facility is located in Csongrád, which is also listed as Halsey's place of residence.