Combat Team Sierra

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Combat Team Sierra was a UNSC Marine Corps unit. [1]


Combat Team Sierra was stationed aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn in 2552. During the abandonment of the warship to the Covenant bombardment and boarding, the team's objective was to hold off the invaders until all non-bridge operations personnel and Combat Teams Alpha through November escaped in the lifeboats, and subsequently, fall back to an evacuation station aboard the Pillar of Autumn. The team then left the ship with SPARTAN-II John-117 on board lifeboat Lima Foxtrot Alpha 43. All members of the team were confirmed KIA after the lifeboat suffered a catastrophic air-brake failure, causing it to crash violently into the surface of Installation 04 leaving John-117 as the only survivor.[2]


Sierra Team was in the Lifeboat in which John-117 escaped from the Pillar Of Autumn.

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