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A postcard from Castellaneta.

Castellaneta is a human tourist station in geosynchronous orbit on the "sunny side" of Saturn's outermost ring, in the Sol system. The station features a zero-gravity resort with a swim-up bar and club, known for over-priced alcoholic beverages. UNSC Marine Edward Buck had been sent to the station on mandatory shore leave in 2545, where he first encountered Office of Naval Intelligence operative Veronica Dare.[1]


  • Castellaneta is a city in Southern Italy.
  • Assuming a postcard from Castellaneta presents an accurate depiction of its interior, the station has ostensibly massive open spaces with a beach and a large body of water, as well as a clear, unobstructed view out into space, although at least part of this may be illusion achieved via holographic displays.
  • The station's name is misspelled as "Castallaneta" in a postcard featured in Hunt the Truth.


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