Career Service Vitae

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The Career Service Vitae (or CSV for short) is a log kept on each soldier in the UNSC, similar to a civilian resume. Every member of the UNSC Armed Forces has one, as it keeps track of that person's entire military service. PERSCOM keeps track of the CSVs for all of the UNSC soldiers and archives them for public and military access.[1]


Some of the things that a CSV contains include:

  • Service Number
  • Date the person joined the military
  • Background information on the person
  • Battles the person has taken part in
  • Unit or starship assignments
  • Promotions, transfers, and retirements
  • Decorations the person has received
  • Time, place, and cause of death
  • Casualty classification (WIA, KIA or MIA)


It was said that UNSC Ensign William Michael Lovell amassed a CSV twice as long as that of Jacob Keyes'.[1]


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