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Halo Infinite[edit]

Excavation Site[edit]

  • "Spartans not so tough, I think. Break open easy. Soft inside!" (confronting the Master Chief)

Boss Fight[edit]

  • [Panicked roar] (getting stuck with a grenade)
  • [War cry]
  • "Afraid, human?" (when the player hides)
  • "Aha! So there you are!" (spotting the player)
  • "All eventually fall to Bassus. It is their destiny." (if he kills the player)
  • "Another dead Spartan." (if he kills the player)
  • "Bassus will tear you apart!"
  • "Broken like little twigs. Pathetic." (if he kills the player)
  • "Choke on this!" (throwing a plasma grenade)
  • "Come closer, frail creature."
  • "Fragile little human!"
  • "Great honor for Bassus!" (if he kills the player)
  • "Have you now!"
  • "I cut you down!"
  • "I end this now!"
  • "I have done what Chak 'Lok could not!" (if he kills the player)
  • "I thank you for killing Chak 'Lok! I never liked him anyway!"
  • "I'll crush your skull!"
  • "I'll make you pay for that!" (taking damage)
  • "I'll pick my teeth with your bones!"
  • "It will take much more than that!" (taking damage)
  • "NO!" (getting stuck with a grenade)
  • "No more games, Spartan!"
  • "Prove your legend!"
  • "Quench my hammer!"
  • "Weakling!"
  • "Will you scream? Will you beg? Like your friends?"
  • "With your death, I will earn the title of Spartan Killer!"
  • "Where Tremonius failed, Bassus will succeed!"
  • "You will go no further!"