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Sat image of Viery Territory from ToTS.
Satellite image of UNSC deployments across the Viery Territory, including Bars.

"Bars" was the (possibly abbreviated) name[Note 1] for a region in the Viery Territory on the planet Reach. On the morning of August 12, 2552, satellite imagery showed large Covenant deployments were detected moving across the region.[1]



Bars County is a county in present-day in central and southern Slovakia.

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  1. ^ Given that most of the place names in the tactical information call-outs in Halo: Reach and its supplementary material are abbreviated (e.g. VISGRD, SZURDK RDG, ÜTKZT, FARKS LK, EPSZ), it is likely that "BARS" is not the literal name of the location but instead a shortened one. Considering the Hungarian-based theme of Reach's place names, it is possible that "BARS" refers to Baracs, which is the name of a village in present-day Hungary.