Audio log (Halo Infinite)/UNSC/Recovered/03

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// CC-409871
// OCT 12, 2559
The mission is complete, thanks in part to the efforts of Captain Lasky and Commander Palmer. And now we see if these efforts are worth the cost. Preparations are already underway for the weapon's creation.

  • Halsey: You took your time.
  • John-117: There was... resistance.

[Sound: Footsteps]

  • Halsey: I heard. Let me look at you, John. The Spartans are my greatest achievements. Do you understand that?
  • John-117: Are you okay, Doctor Halsey?
  • Halsey: That would depend entirely on who you were to ask. Was the mission successful?
  • John-117: Yes.
  • Halsey: Good. This is not going to be easy, John. But it is the only option we have.