Audio log (Halo Infinite)/UNSC/Outpost/13

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>> [####ENCRYPTED####]
<< 93029-26382-DS
RE: Banished security checkpoint

  • 1st Lt. Floyd: Hey Svarro. Since you and your team are running some serious guerilla ops on those Banished convoys, Spartan Griffin suggested I pass this intel along. We're seeing a significant increase in traffic at the Banished outpost near the trench. And by the way, "significant" means "huge". We think it has to do with the Ring's spine. Maybe it's research. Maybe Escharum's gonna try to patch this thing up. It's not yet clear. But at any rate if you and your team wanted to hit the Banished where it really hurts, the convoys are bunching up on the other side of the trench. Moving slow. Easy targets for an ace like Kovan.