Audio log (Halo Infinite)/UNSC/Outpost/09

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>> Another message meant for home, but we don't even know what direction that is anymore. Astronavigation is still trying to recalibrate, but one thing is certain: we're no longer in the Ephsu system. During the destruction event, something — or someone — moved Zeta Halo.

[Sound: Warthog engine rumbling]

  • Marine: So... this is it. I haven't seen a friendly face for weeks... Maybe months. There may be some marines in this compound. If I can't get our people out, well... I loaded all the remaining C-12 into this Warthog. Get this message to my son, Andrew Valleros. He lives on New Carthage. Andy... I know that I told you I would come home. But I can't keep that promise... and that hurts more than you'll ever know. No matter what, know that I love you.

[Sound: Warthog begins moving]

  • Marine: Find my son. Tell him I died saving others. Tell him to never lose hope.

[Sound: Warthog accelerates]