Audio log (Halo Infinite)/UNSC/Infinity/09

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// 98604-72690-TL
// INF-101
// DATALOG 121259_6566
// --'we clear them out'--

[Sound: Alarm blaring. Gunfire.]

  • Spartan Hudson Griffin: Chief, thanks for the help. Spartan Griffin. Fireteam Taurus. Glad to see you made it back off Reach.
  • John-117: We've got to get the Captain into the hangar bay. Can you help?
  • Griffin: Sure can, but be warned, the hangars are crawling with Banished.
  • John-117: Then we clear them out.
  • Griffin: You heard the Chief, Taurus. Hangar is up ahead — eyes up, let's move!

[Sound: Gunfire.]