Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Scattered/03

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APR 23, 2560 // Encountering a Banished patrol, Vettel seizes an opportunity.

  • Jiralhanae Officer: Damage that equipment and you'll answer to Escharum, whelps! Now heave!
  • Unggoy: We're goin'! We're goin'!
  • Spartan Bertold Vettel: Not yet. just a bit closer...
  • Unggoy: Why we gotta be the muscle? Ain't that what brutes are for? I tell ya, soon as we're-
  • Vettel: Now!

[Sound: Punching.]

  • Unggoy: Aaagh!
  • Jiralhanae: A Spartan! Kill him!

[Sound: Gunfire.]

  • Jiralhanae: (Near death, wheezing) Finish it, human!
  • Vettel: No. Not just yet. I'm looking for some friends of mine. And you, my friend, will tell me where to find them.