Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Reverie/04

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DEC 28, 2559 // Sorel and his marines observe Zeta Halo's alarming capacity for self-repair.

[Sound: Equipment being set down.]

  • Private First Class Miyazaki: What did you see on your recon sweep, Spartan? What's going on with the Ring?
  • Spartan Theodore Sorel: No mistaking it: the Ring is actively repairing itself. All those Sentinels we saw buzzing around the spine are assessing damage, initiating repairs. Whatever the target did to the Ring... It's being reversed, and quickly. This Ring will be operational again.
  • Miyazaki: I'll make a note in our report. What now?
  • Sorel: We know what the Banished are after. It's our job to slow them down. Safe bet that the rest of the UNSC's operating under the same protocol. Get some rest, marines. We've got a lot of chaos to engineer tomorrow.