Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Evacuation/04

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DEC 12, 2559 // Spartan Nina Kovan makes her descent toward the surface of Zeta Halo.

[Sound: Muffled explosions.]

  • Spartan Henri Malik: Spartan Kovan, your drop pod's on a collision course with a deployment of Phantoms in the Ring's stratosphere. Impact probability's 93 percent. Adjust your course.
  • Spartan Nina Kovan: Why would I do that? I'm aiming for them.
  • Malik: Somehow... I'm not surprised. Good luck, Spartan.

[Sound: Drop pod shaking.]

  • Kovan: This is probably gonna hurt...

[Sound: Explosion. Coughing.]

  • Kovan: Knock knock.

[Sound: Gunfire. Sangheili groans.]