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Ari Rezneck
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October 25, 2558[1]

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"Your reputation precedes you, Captain."
— Black-Box, when meeting Ari Rezneck[1]

Captain Ari Rezneck was a human officer of the UNSC Navy and agent of the Office of Naval Intelligence, serving as an infiltrator of the New Colonial Alliance.[2]


Awakening at Conrad's Point[edit]

"Ari Rezneck is one of the most resourceful people I've ever known."
— Commander Maya Sankar[1]

Ari Rezneck served as an operative for the UNSC Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence, particularly serving as an infiltrator of insurrectionist factions. By October 2558, Rezneck had infiltrated the New Colonial Alliance and was stationed at the NCA's base on the remote colony of Conrad's Point.[2] Ilsa Zane soon arrived and took command of the rebels on the planet, replacing the NCA colonel formerly in command of the base.[1] In that month, a Forerunner Guardian was activated on Conrad's Point, resulting in the construct causing significant damage to a human settlement on the planet. Rezneck informed Captain Noah Reibach and the rest of ONI of the event, while Zane had the NCA secure and establish a base at the site before the United Nations Space Command could.[2]

Following the event, Rezneck proceeded to go dark, cutting off contact with the UNSC. However, he set up an analog transponder, warning UNSC vessels to take extreme caution when approaching the NCA site and to ping the transponder upon approach for landing coordinates. Desiring to investigate the Guardian event, Reibach deployed Commander Maya Sankar—a fellow ONI operative that had infiltrated rebel factions as "FERO"—to Conrad's Point, along with smart AI Black-Box. Picking up Rezneck's signal, Sankar gained his landing coordinates and landed her transport ship near the Guardian's crater of destruction on the planet on October 25, 2558. Rezneck approached Sankar, holding her at gunpoint in case NCA rebels were watching. After pretending to sort out their "misunderstanding", Rezneck lowered his gun and the two discussed recent events. Rezneck revealed that Zane was preparing to use the nuclear weapons in the NCA's storage on Conrad's Point to battle the UNSC and that he was attempting to stall her long enough for the UNSC to assassinate her. Meeting with an NCA patrol, Rezneck and Sankar were escorted back into the NCA's encampment by the crater.[1]


"It happened just like that. Ilsa didn't even look, she just raised her arm and fired. A single shot at point-blank range and he crumpled to the floor. Ilsa Zane had just blown Ari's brains out."
— Commander Maya Sankar, describing Ari Rezneck's death[1]

At the NCA encampment, the two entered a building hosting dozens of partying insurgents celebrating the apparent death of Spartan-II John-117. While Rezneck went to speak to rebels to see if he could learn any new information, Sankar was reunited with Bostwick—a young rebel who greatly admired Sankar's FERO persona. Black-Box then informed Sankar that the UNSC was preparing an orbital strike on the encampment in an effort to kill Zane and hundreds of rebels, and Sankar and Rezneck were warned to escape the facility to avoid death. Finding a data chip containing valuable information on the Guardians, Rezneck gave it to Sankar as he regrouped with her. Sankar warned him that they needed to leave, causing Rezneck to attempt to lead Sankar and Bostwick out of the facility. As the three approached the exit, all doors were locked down and Zane entered the room. As Zane gave a speech to celebrate John's apparent death, the three attempted to sneak out of the room.[1]

However, Zane noticed them and turned the attention of the rebels to the three. Sankar introduced herself to Zane as FERO, with Zane openly disagreeing with FERO's desire to have the insurgents combat the Unified Earth Government peacefully, through economic growth and development. Rezneck intervened, stating that Sankar could be useful with logistic details. Zane seemingly agreed with his observation, but promptly executed Rezneck at point-blank by shooting him in the head with her sidearm. While Sankar and Bostwick looked on in horror, Zane revealed to the rest of the rebels that she knew Rezneck was an ONI agent. Realizing that Sankar was likely aligned with Rezneck, Zane attacked her and Bostwick. However, Sankar revealed that an airstrike was inbound, creating a panic that allowed Sankar, along with Bostwick, to escape to her ship and flee Conrad's Point, while Zane pursued. As they fled the planet, Sankar mourned Rezneck's death.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

"A gifted mediator, an eccentric tinkerer, and a good friend. As an agent, he orchestrated complex social ecosystems with impeccable technical precision. But ironically, when it came to actual tech, he was more of an artist. Finding a way to send a signal from a dead world… risking his neck to warn others… that was Ari."
— Commander Maya Sankar[1]

Captain Ari Rezneck was a resourceful, eccentric, and intelligent operative of the UNSC Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence. Rezneck was a gifted mediator, allowing him to serve as an infiltrator of insurrectionist factions to serve as a spy, as well as to convince insurgents to lead more peaceful campaigns against the Unified Earth Government, rather than lead violent uprisings and launching terrorist attacks. Rezneck was also highly skilled with technology. While on Conrad's Point, he was able to create an analog transponder to deliver messages to UNSC ships to provide them with warnings and landing coordinates. Commander Maya Sankar—a fellow ONI operative—considered Rezneck to be a good friend who was always willing to risk his own life for others.[1]

Production notes[edit]

Ari Rezneck is portrayed by Bruce Thomas, who also provides the motion capture for John-117 in Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians.

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