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Halo Wars[edit]

In Halo Wars Alice-130 is exclusive to the campaign and always has an AIE-486H machine gun. Like the other Spartans of Red Team she can be revived if killed.

Halo Wars 2[edit]

  • Info: Ranged hero, Ground pound area attack, One active hero limit.
  • Tier: 1
  • Cost: Population 0, Supplies 300, Power 275
  • Alice-130 upgrade: Hijack
    • Info: Hijack vehicles, Health boost, Damage boost
    • Tier: 1
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Power 300
  • Alice-130 upgrade: Heavy Machine Gun
    • Info: Equips Machine Gun, Health boost, Damage boost
    • Tier: 2
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Power 450
  • Alice-130 upgrade: Neural Implant
    • Info: Increases hijack speed, Health boost, Damage boost
    • Tier: 3
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Power 600

In campaign Alice-130 acts the same as she did in Halo Wars, barring Spartan slam. In Multiplayer Alice-130 is exclusive to Isabel and can be built at the UNSC Armory. Unupgraded Alice starts off dual wielding M6C magnums and is great against infantry, but only okay against vehicles, aircraft, and structures. Once upgraded with an M247H Alice will be effective against vehicles and aircraft. In Blitz Alice-130 costs 240 energy and features the Reflect ability that reflects half the damage Alice takes back to enemy units.