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Aden Langereis
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"Hi, Ben, listen. Great work on the show. I mean, Chief is such an icon but the stuff that you're digging up about him, I mean, if he's got a secret, it's gotta be huge. And, you convinced me that I wanna know the truth. So, just keep coming out with the episodes and uh, please, just, stay safe."
— Langereis's audio email to Giraud, sent 2558.[1]

Aden Langereis was a human who listened to Benjamin Giraud's Hunt the Truth audio journal in 2558. After Giraud's entries suggested there were dark secrets being withheld about the Master Chief, Langereis mailed Giraud an audio email where he gave his support for the journalist's efforts. He claimed that Giraud had gotten him curious about the matter despite the Chief's reputation, and urged him to continue the audio journal and stay safe while doing so.[2]

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