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Vata 'Gajat

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Vata 'Gajat
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March 11, 2558

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  • Mercenary leader

Vata 'Gajat was a Sangheili Shipmaster mercenary who once served in Jul 'Mdama's reformed Covenant.[1][2]


At some point after the Human-Covenant War, Vata 'Gajat joined Jul 'Mdama's Covenant. Eventually, 'Gajat and the forces under his command left 'Mdama's Covenant and started working as mercenaries. By 2558 he was employed by the New Colonial Alliance and worked closely with Daniel Clayton.

Ealen IV[edit]

In March 2558, he led an attack on a Sangheili-Jiralhanae peace conference on Ealen IV. When informed by Tek of the envoy's retreat into a repair depot, he suggested they wait and let the Jiralhanae turn on the others. However, Clayton suggested he should hurry, so they could finish before the envoy's capital ships responded. 'Gajat agreed to this.[1]

Upon entering the repair depot, however, 'Gajat found it empty. He blamed Tek for the diplomats' escape and threatened to have Tek's share of the bounty taken and split amongst the others. 'Gajat then ordered his forces to prepare for deployment, noting that his agent would soon provide the whereabouts of the envoy.[1]

While overseeing the battle from his ship, 'Gajat was asked by Clayton about what would happen when Jul 'Mdama learned that he was in fact "moonlighting" for their mutual unknown employer. 'Gajat dismissed these concerns, stating that 'Mdama would probably ignore their secret activities due to his own ambition.[3]

Later, when the envoy escaped the ambush and 'Gajat ordered a retreat. His fleet escaped into slipspace before the UNSC Infinity and their allied Sangheili and Jiralhanae ships could engage them.[3]

Ambushing Infinity[edit]

Main article: Ambush at Oth Lodon

Sometime after the Battle of Ealen IV, 'Gajat and Captain Clayton lured Admiral Hood and the UNSC Infinity into a trap, using assault craft supposedly recovered from the long-lost UNSC Spirit of Fire to draw Infinity into Covenant-controlled territory near Oth Lodon. Once Infinity arrived, 'Gajat and Clayton opened fire on the ship with the massive glassing cannon of their hidden station.[2]

When the cannon overheated Clayton ordered 'Gajat to keep the Infinity busy while they brought the cannon back online. However, 'Gajat saw that an even greater profit could be made by destroying the Infinity. When the station was boarded by Spartans, Clayton requested help from 'Gajat. He decided to ignore the call for help and pursue the Infinity. When his ship targeted the Infinity he ordered a channel be opened so Clayton could watch only to find out the Spartans had seized control of the station. The Spartans opened fire with the cannon and destroyed 'Gajat's ship.[4]


Gajat's combat harness is based on a Sangheili armor concept piece for Halo 4.[5]


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