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Bonds of Brotherhood
Artwork of Let 'Volir leading Banished forces on the Ark.

Let ‘Volir // Shipmaster’s Log // Oth Liqattu, 2559

When I first joined the Banished, it was due in so small amount to necessity. After the War of Annihilation, we who had served were cast adrift in uncertainty—faith in false gods held no sustenance, a hundred different leaders of countless fractured armies emerged to claim their piece of the Covenant’s spoiled carcass, and the Arbiter sought to make peace with those we had slaughtered.

But while a thousand petty conflicts were waged, the Banished had been built in the shadows. When Atriox emerged, it was with purpose, direction, and vigor—a place for worthy warriors of all species.

It took me some time to see it, but while the galaxy cascades into unfettered chaos, it is the Banished that shall reside at the center of the storm. We hunt, we take, we live.

Once, I saw my duty as being only to protect my own crew. In this, I know that I failed, for it was under my command that the Enduring Conviction was torn asunder in the skies above the Ark. I understand that my penance for this failure is an even greater responsibility. What I think of as my crew has had to expand beyond those who served with me aboard the Conviction—it must now encompass all Banished forces as we continue our bid to secure the great foundry of the Forerunners.

I foresee much hardship on the path ahead, but whatever those trials may be, I have faith—not in false gods or divine journeys, but in the certainty that the strength of what Atriox has built, the enduring might of the Banished, will ultimately bring us the swift and decisive victory we seek.