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The Cole family lived in Mark Twain, Missouri, URNA, on Earth.[1]


The Cole family operated a farm in Missouri for eight generations.[2] Contrary to most small Earth farms, they managed to survive the competition with colonial agro-corporations. Still, they struggled to make the ends meet.[3] They were thus very disciplined, and quite "anachronistic" when compared to their entitled contemporaries. The farm still exists as of December 2552, a testament to its viability.[2] Some ancestors of the family served in the Rainforest Wars.[3]


  • Oliver Franks - Preston Cole's great-grandfather on his mother's side, a veteran of the Rainforest Wars.
  • The second great-grandfather of Preston Cole on his mother's side, who also participated in the Rainforest Wars.[3]
  • Troy and Jennifer Cole - Preston Cole's parents. They had seven children in total.
    • Michael J. Cole - One of Preston Cole's brothers. Married to his wife Molly.
    • Two brothers and three sisters of Preston Cole.[1]
    • Preston J. Cole - Third child of his parents. A renowned hero of the UNSC.
  • Michael H. Cole - Preston Cole's relative, and witness of his first marriage.[4]
  • Inna Volkov - Preston Cole's first wife, and Konrad Volkov's daughter.
    • Ivan T. Cole - Inna and Preston Cole's first son. Not his biological offspring.
    • Two sons and one daughter, Inna and Preston Cole's biological children.[5]
  • Lyrenne Castilla - Preston Cole's second wife.
    • Lyra expected Preston Cole's child when she disappeared.[6]
  • Preston Cole then married a number of much younger women, though every single marriage ended in a highly publicized divorce.[7]

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