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November 3, 2552[1]

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"We two are now three."
— Yalar'Otan'Elat's message to Tem'Bhetek, revealing her pregnancy[2]

Yalar'Otan'Elat was a San'Shyuum government worker of the Covenant and the wife of Prelate Tem'Bhetek.[3]


Yalar'Otan'Elat was born to a wealthy family that were the owners of mining concerns on a handful of Covenant worlds. She worked in the lower districts of High Charity, ensuring that the Unggoy, Kig-Yar, and other lower-caste species of the Covenant had access to all the resources and services they were owed as loyal members of the empire. After Tem'Bhetek joined the Covenant's Ministry of Preparation and was augmented as a Prelate, he was able to successfully petition his removal from the Roll of Celibates and was matched with a suitable female—Yalar. After only a brief time together, the two fell in love and became married. The two resided in a small, cramped tower in the lower districts to allow Yalar to remain close to her work. As a Prelate, Tem was rarely able to remain home as he often partook in covert missions for the Minister of Preparation, though Yalar accepted this. Eventually, while Tem was away on duty, Yalar became pregnant and gave birth to a child.[3]

On November 3, 2552, as the Great Schism began over High Charity, Tem returned to the capital city to aid the Covenant in attacking the Sangheili forces. However, as the Flood-infested UNSC In Amber Clad crashed into High Charity and the parasite began infecting the city's residents, the Covenant forces began to evacuate the city's populace. Tem was called to the city by the Minister of Protection to extract him and, after doing so, the Prelate sought to rescue Yalar and his child. However, the Minister lied to Tem that the lower districts were completely overrun by the Flood and convinced the Prelate to leave the city with the rest of the fleeing San'Shyuum.[1] However, the lower districts had not yet been completely infected when the victorious Sangheili fleet moved to quarantine the city to prevent the spread of the Flood. By the time Shipmaster Rtas 'Vadum began the orbital bombardment of High Charity to quell the Flood threat, San'Shyuum were still alive in the city and had sent distress calls to the Sangheili. However, due to the danger of the Flood, the Sangheili were forced to ignore the calls and burn the city. Had the Minister not told the Prelate otherwise, he could have saved his family.[4]

Tem blamed the Sangheili for the death of his wife, having been told by the Minister that the Sangheili had formed an alliance with the Flood's Gravemind to infect High Charity. In response, Tem sought revenge against the species, 'Vadum in particular. However, after the truth of the situation on High Charity was revealed to the Prelate through 'Vadum and later the Minister, Tem sacrificed himself to aid the Sangheili and stop the Minister's plot against them. In his dying moments, Tem dreamed of reuniting with Yalar and his child.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Often working with the Covenant's lower-caste species, Yalar refused to refer to them as "lesser" species and worked dutifully to ensure that they were given access to the proper resources and services they were owed. Yalar was an irrepressible champion of the Covenant Empire's ideals. As described by Tem'Bhetek, Yalar'Otan'Elat was "beautiful, long-necked, and delicately limbed." Rare for a member of San'Shyuum high society that was strife with snobbery and striving, Yalar was noble and humble. She was noted to have a clever tongue and guarded smile, which led to Tem falling quickly in love with her.[3]

Yalar reluctantly accepted that, as a Prelate, Tem would not be able to be honest about his work with Boru'a'Neem, would often be away from home and that his augmentations might affect the couple's chances for a healthy child.[3]

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