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Y'Deio system

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The Y'Deio system is a planetary system. It is the only known alien planetary system discovered centuries ago by humanity.[1]

Y'Deio's planetary system consists of at least three planets and an abnormally dense asteroid field. The Kig-Yar homeworld of Eayn orbits the third planet, Chu'ot, a gas giant.[2] Further out is an asteroid belt, with a number of Kig-Yar colonies built on small planetoids and asteroids, including Dal'koth.[3] The numerous asteroid and planetary colonies of Eayn in the system are independently governed. One third of all Kig-Yar live on Eayn in the Y'Deio system, with the rest living on the system's colonies, primarily Muloqt, Kaelarot, and Valyanop.[4][5]


The Kig-Yar race evolved on Eayn, the primary natural satellite of Chu'ot—a gas giant in the system. At some point in the Kig-Yar's history, the clans of Eayn united, and the Kig-Yar species worked together in developing space-travel technology. Shortly afterwards, they established colonies on many small asteroids and planetoids around Chu'ot in the system.[6] Some individuals continued their ancient ways of life and became pirates, preying upon merchant starships. Many pirates operated in "kill-squads" that raided territories and colonies throughout the Y'Deio system. The influx of piracy in the system led to the Eayn government, and other colonial administrations, organized a militia to help battle the pirates.[7]

In 1342, the Covenant arrived in the Y'Deio system with small contingent fleets. The Kig-Yar pirates and militia joined forces in an attempt to fend off the alien intruders.[6] These fleets were directly attacked by ruthless Kig-Yar pirates and mercenaries, leading to a long naval war in the system.[8] Despite the overwhelming force that was the Covenant military, the Kig-Yar used their home system to their advantage. The extremely dense asteroid belt that orbited Y'Deio made it difficult for larger Covenant vessels to navigate around Chu'ot, while the Kig-Yar used the asteroids as refugees.[9] The war between the Covenant and Kig-Yar forces culminated in sieges of redoubts on the asteroid colonies surrounding their world.[10] Eventually, realizing the unlikelihood of them winning the war and the opportunity to profit from the expansion of trade, the Kig-Yar joined the Covenant to serve as an essentially independent entity that operated as mercenaries for the empire.[11]

Following the Human-Covenant War and the dissolution of the Covenant, many Kig-Yar returned to the Y'Deio system. The population of Eayn continued to grow within reasonable governing measures, while the system's colonies maintained a very stable economy.[12]


  • Ap'ot Port – An orbital port city.
  • Chu'ot – A gas giant and the third planet in the system.
  • Kaelarot - An interplanetary colony.
  • Muloqt - An interplanetary colony.
  • Valyanop - An interplanetary colony.
  • Y'Deio asteroid belt – An abnormally dense and massive asteroid field located beyond Chu'ot, home to numerous colonies.
    • Dal'koth – An asteroid and a Kig-Yar colony.
    • T'vao – An asteroid and a Kig-Yar colony home to the T'vaoans.

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