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Del Rio: I... am ordering you... TO SURRENDER THAT AI! John-117: No, sir.

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Finding out who the main villain is in Halo 5.

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Wort! Wort! Wort!

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Fixed it and removed a sentence about collars and subdivisions. It's not needed and subdivision is a very colloquial phrase that could refer from subspecies to phenotypes when in our case we have phenotypes.


Thanks for your edits!

I notice when I make an edit, you usually tidy up minor things like sources and stuff. Appreciated :)


Oh that. They are usually called Serial numbers.

But weapons have them now... :)

Leading to me needing to find a way to tell the difference between the two.

Change what you need to I dont mind. I made the page more as a easy access for me that I thought might be helpful to you all.

Weapon SN Link:


Hey Topal, how is it going this week man?


sp:us indicates American English spelling; ie: "meter" as opposed to "metre" Sigfig indicates the number of digits which are relevant to a calculation. In other words, it is used in this instance to eliminate excessive decimal point values in a calculation by eliminating all but the required number of digits set forth by the "sigfig" number.