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Medal / Situation Buck Yabda 031 Exuberant Witness
Double Kill "That's a double." "Double times the kills!" "Obvious proficiency!"
Triple Kill "And that's a triple!" "Triple times the kills!" "Undisputable potential!"
Overkill "Damn, you're good!" "Fourtuple times the kills!" "Phenomenal skill!"
Killtacular "You're unstoppable!" "Killterrific!" "Undeniable talent!"
Killtrocity "Okay! Now I'm impressed." "Killmendous!" "Superlative prowess!"
Killamanjaro "How are you this good?" "Killdamorous!" "Unparalleled ability!"
Killtastrophe "Oh, they're gonna be so mad!" "Killudicrous!" "Irrefutable expertise!"
Killpocalypse "Did you kill another one?" "Killo amazing job at killing!" "Unsurpassed mastery!"
Killionaire "There's space on my squad for you anytime." "Killatamous KILLACLYSM!" "You are worthy, Reclaimer!"
Killing Spree "You're on a roll!" "Killing Party!" "Exciting!"
Killing Frenzy "Oh, you got plenty for everybody." "Murder Fiesta!" "Incredible!"
Running Riot "You are bringing all kinds of pain!" "Death Festival!" "Fascinating!"
Rampage "I can't believe what I'm seeing!" "Casualty Blowout!" "Intriguing!"
Untouchable "How is that even possible?!" "Mortality Gala!" "Captivating!"
Invincible "Are, are they letting you kill them?!" "Carnival of Demise!" "Provocative!"
Inconceivable "You're making this look extremely easy." "Extermination Jubilee!" "Mesmerizing!"
Unfriggenbelievable "Oh, you have got to teach me how to do that!" "Ungruntingbelievable!" "I am unable to process your skill!"
Extermination "Oh, that's a clean sweep." "Killed pretty much everybody!" "You are a living Sentinel Beam!"
Big Game Hunter "Bigger they are." "Strong Weapon Killer!" "Challenge Seeker!"
Power Player "You are not messing around." "Lots of kills with the best weapons!" "Superlative prowess!"
Top Gun "Squad leader!" "Top gunner!" "Warrior-Servant!"
Big Gun Runner "One of these, and ooh! One of these." "Best Gun Taker!" "Munitions collector!"
Brawler "Ooh! Bloody knuckles." "Oooh! Good puncher!" "Fisticuffs!"
Buckle Up "Eyes on the road!" "Driver sniper-er!" "Operator override!"
Bulltrue "Blade!" "El lunger stopper!" "Charge reversed!
Busted "I don't belong to you." "Hijacker stopper!" "Property defender!"
Cluster Luck "Oh! Tell me that was on purpose!" "Very smart grenade!" "Superb grenade efficiency!"
Combat Evolved "Now that's one hell of a trick!" "Your combat has evolved!" "Fascinating procurement!"
Distraction "Center of attention." "Distractor!" "You are an excellent diversion!"
Flyin' High "Woohoo!" "Exhilaratingly reckless!"
From the Grave "Taken them with ya!" "From inside your grave!" "Posthumous kill!"
Gun Punch "Ooh! Bank, bank, boom!" "Shooter-puncher!" "You busted them up!"
Hail Mary "Golden Arm! What a throw." "Best at throwing!" "Tremendous throw!"
Hat Trick "Oh, good shootin'!" "Super good snipering!" "Your accuracy is enviable!"
Last Shot "Every bullet counts." "Gun emptier!" "Final shot!"
Longshot "Beautiful shot!" "Faraway shootist!" "Amazing accuracy!"
Spray N' Pray "I'd rather be lucky than good." "Faraway lucky shoots!" "An unlikely kill!"
Nadeshot "Boom pop!" "Explodey shootey!" "An excellent combination!"
Assassination "Wa hoa! That was beautiful!" "Fancy sneaky kill!" "An ostentatious display!"
Airsassination "Oh, clearing the skies." "Flying superkill!" "Aerial dispatch!"
Showstopper "Can't stand a showoff." "Ahh, party pooper!" "Aww, why did you interfere?"
Snapshot "From the hip!" "Quickshooter!" "Scope explosion!"
Airborne Snapshot! "From the hip, in the sky." "Flying quickshooter!" "Should you not employ the scope?"
Snipeltaneous "One shot, two kills?" "Snipel, two of 'em!" "Ooh! Unanticipated fatalities!"
First Strike "Quick off the block." "Firsticular!" "How efficient!"
Rocket Mary "Kaboom!" "Faraway exploder!" "Death at a distance!"
Noob Combo "If it's stupid but it works, it ain't stupid." "Professional Combo!" "Impressive shield manipulation!"
Perfect Kill "Perfect kill!" "Perfect!" "Perfect!"
Retribution "Ahh, best served cold." "Paybacker!" "Ahh, revenge!"
Reversal "Prey... to predator." "Table turner!" "Outcome altered!"
Road Trip "Buckle up, star six!" "Dedicated team vehicle!"
Wingman "Sharing the glory."
Bodyguard "Team monitor!"
Betrayed "Ahh! Treachery!" "Friendly fire!" "Oh dear!"
Suicide "Wa hoa! Ain't that a shame." "Traaaagic mistake!" "Self-termination! How regrettable!"
Betrayal "Aw, you dealt a bravo." "Huuuuuge jerk!" "Absolutely unacceptable!"
Slayer Start "Slayer. Let's see what you can do." "It's time for slayin'!" "Initiating Slayer. I am eager to see how well you perform!"
Breakout Start "It's Breakout. Let's get serious."
Capture the Flag Start "You can never have too many flags. Let's get some more." "It's time to capture some flags!" "Acquire the flag."
Killed Enemy Flag Carrier "Ooh! Dropped the carrier." "Flag guy kill!" "Eliminated the carrier!"
Flag Captured "Flag cap." "Flag capturated!" "Flag captured."
Strongholds Start "Strongholds. Get ready to mark your turf." "Prepare to secure the partitions."
Grifball Start "Get ready for some Grifball."
Player Has Ball "You've got the ball."
Player Team Has Ball "We've got the ball."
Enemy Has Ball "Enemy's got the ball."
Oddball Start "I'm feeling like a little Oddball."
Killed Enemy Oddball Carrier "Dropped the carrier." "Carrier destroyed!"
Oddball Kill "Ball breaker."
Assault Start "Get mean, Spartan. This is Assault."
Infection Start "Survive the Infected Apocalypse." "Infections!" "Survival Protocol Training engaged."
Infected "Whoo! You're not lookin' too hot." "Zombie!" "Infection detected!"
3 Survivors Remaining "Three survivors left." "Three survivors left!" "Three survivors remain."
2 Survivors Remaining "Just two survivors left." "Just two survivors left?!" "Two survivors remain."
Last Man Standing "Last Spartan Standing." "Last human standing!" "Final survivor."
Player is Last Man Standing "No cavalry coming." "Final survivor."
Survived "True survivor." "Your survival is an inspiration!"
Infected a Player "Got one!" "Got 'em!" "Got one!
Infector "Ow, that's gross." "Flood Spore!"
Zombie Killing Spree "Doing good work down there."
Zombie Slayer "You keep putting those things down."
Hell's Janitor "Oh, you ain't scared of gettin' messy!"
Hell Jumper "Oh, you're those worst nightmares' worst nightmare!"
Stalker "Almost feel sorry for him. Almost."
Resourceful "Quick thinkin'!"
Flatline "Save the best for last." "Final target infected!"
Infected Round Ends
(Infected Win)
"That's the last one! Survivors lost." "It's over, and the survivors... are dead!" "Combat complete. The survivors have lost!"
Infected Round Ends
(Survivors Win)
"The survivors held together and pulled through." "It's over! The survivors, uh, survived!" "Combat complete. The survivors have won."
Gained the Lead "We're in the lead!" "You got the lead!" "You have gained the lead."
Lost the Lead (Type 1) "Lost the lead." "Lost the lead." "Lost the lead."
Lost the Lead (Type 2) "We lost the lead." "You lost the lead!" "Your opponents are leading."
Round Won "We won the round!" "You won the round!" "Round won!"
Round Lost "That round's a loss." "Round lost!" "Round lost!"
Enemy Scored "Agh, enemy scored." "Oh! Bad guy scored!" "Your opponents are scoring."
Halfway to Victory "You're halfway to victory." "You're halfway to winnin'!" "Win condition 50% fulfilled."
Enemy Halfway to Victory "Enemy's halfway to the win." "Enemy's halfways to glory!" "Enemy win condition 50% fulfilled."
10 Kills to Victory "You're 10 kills from the win!" "10 murders until victory!" "You are 10 kills from victory."
Enemy Team Nearing Victory "Enemy's about to win." "Enemies are almost winnin'!" "Your opponents are nearing victory!"
Leader Nearing Victory "Leader's nearing victory." "The leader is nearing victory."
5 Minutes Left "We've got 5 minutes left." "Just five minutes left!" "Time remaining: 5 minutes."
2 Minutes Left "2 minute warning." "The minutes left is 2!" "Time remaining: 2 minutes."
1 Minute Left "We've got one minute left." "One minute left!" "Time remaining: one minute."
30 Seconds Left "Just 30 seconds." "30 seconds left!" "Time remaining: 30 seconds."
10 Seconds Left "10 seconds left." "10 more seconds!" "Time remaining: 10 seconds."
Overtime "We're in overtime." "Overtime."
Sudden Death "Eyes open! It's sudden death." "Suddenly death!" "Sudden death protocol engaged."
Match Victory "That's the match! Victory!" "Game over, and you made victory!" "Game concluded. You are victorious!"
Match Loss "Game over. I'm afraid that's a defeat." "Game is over, and you lost it!" "Game concluded. You've been defeated!"
Match Draw "We'll call that one a draw." "Both teams are equally skilled."

Warzone / Warzone Firefight

Objective / Situation Buck Yabda 031 Exuberant Witness
Warzone Match Start
(A version)
"Warzone simulation is up and running. Let's see what you can do. Get points by holding bases, taking down bosses, and dropping enemy Spartans." "The Warzone simulation is being simulated!" "Greetings, human! I have started the Warzone simulation!"
Warzone Match Start
(B version)
"Fall in, Spartan. We're headed to Warzone."
Warzone Firefight Start "Oh, this oughta be good. Initiating Warzone Firefight. You're dropping feet first into a bad situation. Survive multiple rounds, each one tougher than the last." "Welcome to Warzone Firefighter. You're the only humans left, and they're comin' for ya! Try to survive as the rounds keep gettin' tougher!" "Initiating Warzone, subset Firefight. Prepare yourself, human. In this simulation, you are humanity's last hope. Defend yourself through several rounds of increasingly difficult combat."
Level 2 REQs "Level 2 REQs are up." "Level 2 REQs available."
Level 3 REQs "You've got clearance for Level 3 REQs." "Level 3 REQs available. I hope they will be useful."
Level 4 REQs "Level 4 REQs have been approved."
Level 5 REQs "Time to break out the Level 5 REQs."
Level 6 REQs "Crack up on those Level 6 REQs, fellas!"
Level 7 REQs "Hope you're ready for Level 7 REQs. A lot of good stuff in there!" "Level 7 REQs available. You are becoming quite powerful."
Level 8 REQs "Level 8 REQs are up. You make me so proud." "Level 8 REQs available. I can hardly contain my excitement!"
Level 9 REQs "Level 9 REQs, Spartan! Hit 'em with everything you've got!" "Get ready for the REQiest REQs you've ever REQ'd! Level 9 REQs!" "Level 9 REQs available! This is the moment I've been waiting for!"
Kill Grunts
(A version)
"Grunts coming. Send those little uglies back to where they came from." "Are you able to withstand an Unggoy onslaught?"
Kill Grunts
(B version)
Kill Jackals "Get those Jackals off our battlefield."
Kill Elites "Go mix it up with those Elites."
Kill Hunters "Next on the docket: Kill those Hunters."
Kill Crawlers "Clean up those Crawlers."
Kill Watchers
Kill Soldiers "Alright, destroy those Soldiers."
Kill Knights "Take those Knights out of commission."
Destroy Ghosts "Destroy all Ghosts."
Destroy Banshees
Elite Bosses Appear "Elite targets are active."
Jul 'Mdama Appears "Up near Temple Overwatch, that's Jul 'Mdama himself. There's not many who can take him down."
Player Kills Jul 'Mdama "And that's it for 'Mdama! How does it feel to drop the Covenant leader?"
Teammates Kill Jul 'Mdama
Enemy Kills Jul 'Mdama
Hunter Bosses Appear "You've got Hunters in the area." "Lekgolo Hunters detected."
Goblin Appears "Grunt's piloting a Goblin."
Soldier Bosses Appear "Soldier targets are active."
Knight Bosses Appear
(A version)
"Got a Knight in the area."
Knight Bosses Appear
(B version)
"Hostile Knights on the ground."
Warden Eternal Appears
(A version)
"It's that damn Warden Eternal." "This is interesting, or maybe this is terrible. Warden Eternal has reappeared!"
Warden Eternal Appears
(B version)
"Alright, Warden's back again. He does that time and time."
Mythic Target Detected "Mythic target detected!" "Bosses detected! Classification: Mythic!"
Elite Takedown "Elite Takedown." "Elite's dead!"
Hunter Takedown "Hunter Takedown." "Hunter got huntered!"
Ghost Takedown "Ghost Takedown!"
Wraith Takedown "Wraith Takedown."
Banshee Takedown "Banshee Takedown."
Phantom Takedown "Phantom is grounded. Phantom Takedown."
Goblin Takedown "Goblin takedown." "Oh no! Grunt Goblin's dead!"
Soldier Takedown "Soldier Takedown!" "Soldier destroyed!"
Knight Takedown "Knight Takedown."
Player Kills Warden Eternal
(A version)
"Warden Takedown! Gotta shut him up." "Ah, I find his destruction strangely satisfying."
Player Kills Warden Eternal
(B version)
"You just bagged the Warden Eternal. Brings a tear to my eye."
Player Kills Warden Eternal
(C version)
"He, he won't be coming back from that!" "This facility's need for you has passed, Warden."
Phaeton Takedown "Phaeton Takedown."
Allies Dying to Covenant "Watch your team!" "Your allies are falling to the Covenant!"
Allies Dying to Hunters "The Hunters are killing our squad!"
Allies Dying to Prometheans "Prometheans are killing your squad!"
Allies Dying to Warden (A version) "Teammates are falling to the Warden. Get over there and help."
Allies Dying to Warden (B version) "Warden is taking out teammates."
2 Minutes Left "Two minutes left." "Two minutes remain."
Warzone Victory "That's a victory. Check your guns, find your chairs. We're going home winners."
Warzone Loss
Firefight Victory "Heads high, Spartan! That's some real nice work down there!" "Aw, you survived? I mean, yay! You survived!" "Excellent work! Your capacity for survival pleases me!"
Firefight Loss "We didn't make the objective." "Objective protocol unfulfilled."