UNSC navigation core

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A UNSC navigation core in Halo: Reach.

The UNSC navigation core, also referred to as the data core, is a human data storage device made by Misriah Armory.[1]


These cores are installed within UNSC ships in use for interstellar navigation. When a UNSC ship is scrapped, the ship-breaking facility responsible would usually put such an important piece of equipment into secure storage until they can be purged.[1] In an event when a Covenant force is detected, the Cole Protocol is enacted and all navigation modules such as the navigation core would need to be dismantled and its data purged. Should the Covenant obtain a navigation module, it would provide them the necessary information to navigate towards other UNSC colonies and Earth.

Its overall size is a rectangular shape with multiple wires protruding from the base to the outer part. The core also glow blue, much like data storage units does when containing an AI. Multiple warnings are also imprinted on its body. Handles are also present on the base for hand-held transporting.



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