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Melbourne, Australia

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Halo, Iron Man 2, Cone Combat II, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time


Red vs Blue, Family Guy, The Simpsons


Many of the Halo SoundTracks especially Tip of the Spear.


All Halo books

Video games

Halo, CoD

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Favorite Halo moment

Last Stand against the Covenant in Halo: Reach's "Lone Wolf" on Legendary, 4 guys and we also had ONI: Sword Base and Tip of the Spear replaying.

Worst Halo moment

When I get killed by a teammate, can't boot. Kill teammate, booted.

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I signed your guestbook. =)


I can`t but notice the on Movies the first one is Halo. Is there really a Halo movie and if it is can you tell me where can I watch it?


Sorry, but I was already on MSN when you sent me that message. Maybe next time :)

(Do you have MSN?)


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