UNSC Insertion Protocols

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The UNSC Insertion Protocols govern the deployment of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers via drop pod. These protocols dictate that commanding officers' pods accelerate faster than those of their enlisted subordinates.[1][2]


The reasons for this rule include the strongly held belief that commanding officers should lead rather than follow, should be willing to do anything their troops are asked to do, and should expose themselves to the same level of danger as their subordinates.[1][2]

The most compelling reason, however, is the need to collect, sort, and organize the troops the moment their boots touch ground. Experience demonstrates that whatever the ODSTs manage to accomplish during the first so-called “golden hour” on the ground will have a disproportionate effect on the success or failure of the entire mission. The commander’s pod is equipped with a lot of gear that the regular “eggs” are not, including high-powered imaging gear, tactical sensors, and the ability to hold a 4th generation "dumb" AI, most notably a class C military AI.[1][2]


During the Battle of Installation 04, Major Antonio Silva followed the Protocol, holding a class C Military AI Wellsley, as it was vital for the human forces as Installation 04 was a potential hostile location.[2]

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