UNSC Agincourt

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Looking for the destroyer of the same name that took part in the Battle of Psi Serpentis?
UNSC Agincourt
Production information


UNSC frigate[1]

Service information


October 31, 2552

Known commanders:

Unidentified commander[2]




The UNSC Agincourt was a frigate in operation in the early 2550's.[1] In October 2552, it was sent to planet Onyx to offload supplies at Camp Currahee for the incoming candidates for the new SPARTAN-IIIs, Delta Company. As they were leaving, the Camp Commandant, Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose asked for observational assistance from the craft after hearing strange sounds coming from Zone 67.[2] However, the Agincourt was discovered and was destroyed by a swarm of Onyx Sentinels that had been activated within Onyx.[3]


The vessel is likely named for the Battle of Agincourt, a battle between the English and French during the Hundred Years' war.

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