Twin Forks River

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The Twin Forks River was a river on the planet Onyx. The river parted the trees of the jungle on Onyx's northern peninsula and snaked through the land. Its waters were icy cold, muddy, and vigorous, and the river had a very swift current.[1] The river had a rocky floor; some of the rocks were onyx stones that were occasionally mined from the river.[2]


During the Onyx Conflict, Kurt-051, along with Team Saber, was fighting off a patrol of Sentinels. In order to allow Team Saber to retreat to their fall back position near Zone 67. Kurt-051 gained the attention of the Sentinels and headed towards the Twin Forks River. There, Kurt-051 dove underwater and swam upstream until he found a rock ledge three meters underwater where he tucked himself away. Here, under the thermal protection of the water, rock, and the photoreactive circuits of his armor, he figured that the Sentinels would not find his thermal reading.[1]

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