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Tink Carter
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September 2552

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UNSC Marine Shock Troopers


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First Sergeant Tink Carter was a UNSC Marine and Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. In 2552, he was assigned to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn as part of First Lieutenant Melissa McKay's unit, as the Company First Sergeant. When the vessel came under Covenant attack, he "hell-jumped" to the surface of Installation 04 along with the rest of the unit's ODSTs in a Human Entry Vehicle.[1]

After landing, Major Antonio Silva ordered McKay to take an enemy controlled mesa that would later become Alpha Base. Carter was present during that assault, and served as McKay's tactical second in command during the operation. He displayed many roughneck personality traits similar to Sergeant Major Avery J. Johnson. As the tactical senior Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), he would not often stay near McKay, to reduce the chances of both commanding officers being killed by a single explosive attack.

He may have been killed or otherwise incapacitated early on in the combat, as he is replaced by Master Sergeant Lister as senior company NCO by the time of the attack on the Autumn. However, only half the company was present at this battle, and though many already were killed or wounded, he may have been leading an element of the company elsewhere.

He is not mentioned afterwards, but he is KIA in all probability, as there are numerous opportunities for him to die during the fighting on Installation 04 or its subsequent destruction.

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