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Tink Carter
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September 2552

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UNSC Marine Corps


Staff Sergeant or Gunnery Sergeant[Note 1]


"What the hell are you waiting for? An engraved invitation? Let's get in gear."
— Carter during the First Battle of Alpha Base[1]

First Sergeant Tink Carter was an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper in the UNSC Marine Corps. In 2552, he was assigned to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn as part of First Lieutenant Melissa McKay's unit, serving as the Company Sergeant for B Company.[1]


Installation 04[edit]

Carter was among the many personnel aboard the Pillar of Autumn when the ship made landfall on Installation 04 in September 2552. He, along with the rest of the ship's ODST complement, conducted a landing via SOEIV in the opening hours of the conflict, and was able to survive the drop. After rallying with the rest of the battalion, B Company was ordered by Major Antonio Silva to march across the ring's surface to an enemy-controlled mesa - which the officer intended to use as a base of operations while on the ring, later designated Alpha Base.[1]

During the assault, Carter stayed spaced behind McKay, the company's CO, by around six troops to ensure that a well-placed explosive couldn't kill both commanders in one go.[1] Carter's fate following the UNSC capture of Alpha Base is uncertain, though he was almost certainly killed by the time of Installation 04's destruction three days later - along with the rest of the UNSC contingent on the ring.

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  1. ^ Company Sergeants may be appointed from a given Staff Sergeant or Gunnery Sergeant in a given Company to act as an assistant commander to the company CO. Carter's rank is never stated, but it can be presumed he held one of these two ranks to serve as the company sergeant.


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