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Olivia-G291: "It wasn't a stealth craft, Admiral. The Donoma's A.I. tried to sound general quarters, but the command was overridden."
Serin Osman: "By whom?"
Olivia-G291: "Lieutenant Thurlo has been trying to figure that out for two days."
— Olivia steps in to answer a question posed to Lieutenant Petriv[1]

Junior Lieutenant Thurlo is an officer of the United Nations Space Command's Incident Response and Investigation branch.[1]


On December 6, 2553, Lieutenant Thurlo was stationed on the UNSC Swift Justice when it responded to an attack on the UNSC passenger schooner Donoma, where it was found void of any survivors.[1] Someone had evidently overridden the Donoma's A.I. when it attempted to sound a general quarters alarm during the strike. Thurlo spent two days trying to find out who might have done this, but had little success due to her lacking the necessary clearance to access the A.I.'s dynamic memory matrix. When Veta Lopis's Ferret team came aboard on December 8, Thurlo was joined in the bridge by Veta, Mark-G313, Olivia-G291, and Serin Osman, where Lieutenant Commander Clovis Petriv and another junior lieutenant had already been present. She allowed Olivia to take her seat at a control station to use her hacking talents to search for infiltration routines.She floated over the Spartan in the microgravity and peered over her shoulder while she worked after sharing what little she had learned so far.[1]


While in uniform, Junior Lieutenant Thurlo displays a prominent IRI badge.[1]

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