Thotael system

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A holographic representation of the Thotael system.
A holographic representation of the Thotael system
Location overview


Location 6201[1]

Stellar overview

Spectral type:

Red giant star system[2]

Orbiting planets:



The Thotael system is a planetary system located in a region of space designated by the Office of Naval Intelligence as Location 6201.[2][1] It is composed of a large red giant orbited by six charred planets.[2][3] The red giant, Thotael, also served as the anchor of Alpha Shard, a piece of the destroyed Installation 04, until the fragment's destruction in 2556.[4]


Alpha Shard[edit]

When John-117 detonated UNSC Pillar of Autumn's reactors on September 22, 2552 with the intent of destroying Installation 04, the ring attempted to activate a safety measure and make a slipspace jump. However, this self-preservation protocol was only partially successful, with only a fragment of the ring—later designated Alpha Shard—managing to enter slipspace before the Pillar of Autumn's reactors overloaded and destroyed the ring. Alpha Shard reentered normal space in the vicinity of Thotael and was caught in the star's orbit.[2][1] Following the discovery of a dangerous element and a violent gestalt of Lekgolo called Thanolekgolo on the fragment,[5] a joint ONI-Sedran Colonial Guard force destroyed Alpha Shard with a HAVOK nuke.[4]


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