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c. 2545-2546[1]

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"I've never held her, never spoken to her. Never touched her. But like any parent, I want the world, the sun, and the stars for her. "
— Luther Mann

Theresa is the daughter of Ramona and Doctor Luther Mann.


Theresa was the product of Luther and Ramona's intense six-week long relationship in college. Ramona had kept her pregnancy with Theresa a secret from Mann, as she did not want to impose a burden on his academic life. Theresa's existence became known to Mann a year later when Ramona sent him a picture of their child. Luther Mann was never given the opportunity to be a part of Theresa's life, and his early attempts to find her proved futile. In 2555, Mann undertook a perilous mission to prevent the Halo array from activating. He was determined to succeed in order to ensure his daughter Theresa's survival.[2] After successfully stopping Halo's activation, Mann concluded he had wasted time over the years and resolved that he had to go find his nine-year-old little girl.[3]

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