Terra Cimmeria

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Terra Cimmeria is a large region in the southern highlands of Mars. At the end of the Human-Covenant War, its southern dunes had become home to the Unified Earth Government's reserve, a network of refugee camps.[1] Although relatively comfortable,[2] the refugees lived in cramped huts, having fled to the reserve from Inner Colonies and Outer Colonies attacked by the Covenant, including Arcadia and Carrow.[3]

Upon arriving at the reserve after having escaped Arcadia's fall in 2549, Jordan Gaines' father quickly rose to a leadership position within the camps. In November 2552, Mars was attacked by the Covenant when the High Prophet of Truth's fleets systematically bombarded every colony within the Sol system. Terra Cimmeria and its reserve were targeted, resulting in the deaths of several refugees, including Gaines' father.[4] The surviving refugees took shelter in bomb shelters located on the reserve until the Covenant collapsed and the war ended in the following weeks.[5]

Following the war, the Unified Earth Government enacted a population dispersal effort to find homes for the millions of refugees in the Sol system. Many chose to remain in the Sol system, while others sought out new homes. Nearly a million refugees from Terra Cimmeria relocated to the abandoned world of Carrow to rebuild away from the UEG.[1]

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