Terminal (Halo 4)/Four

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The third Terminal in Halo 4 campaign level Forerunner.
The terminal next to the door upon leaving Lasky.

Campaign level: Infinity
After meeting Lasky and Palmer and being told to find a landing zone, look behind the Chief and the terminal is seen at the end of the corridor.

Note: Halo Waypoint names Terminal Three as "Charum Hakkor" and Terminal Four as "Flood". The subject matter of each terminal makes it clear that these titles were erroneously swapped at some point in the game's production. The article restores the titles in accordance with 343 Industries' original intent.

The Forerunner war with humanity comes to an end.

Shot of a Halo installation. On the surface, a village of regressed humans carries on with their lives, as the Didact narrates.

  • Didact: "The humans' actions threatened the galaxy, yet we have treated them as the Mantle required. Their punishment is just."

As human children play games, the camera pans to where the Didact and the Librarian watch the village.

  • Didact: "They are closer now to the animals they behaved as."
  • Librarian: "If not for their encounter with the Flood, their gene-plan could have surpassed our own. They could have someday held the Mantle of Responsibility."

A pair of hunters return to the village, carrying their catch. They present it to a woman.

  • Didact: "The humans were not meant to protect others. The Mantle of Responsibility for all things is ours, and ours alone."
  • Librarian: "Yes, the Mantle is ours, and we hold it so tight, that even in death we shall hold it still."

Space, on a collection of infected ships. Forerunner Warrior-Servants stand before a door, weapons trained on it. Bangs and growls can be heard beyond the door. The door explodes inwards, and the Forerunners are consumed in a bright flash. They are then seen being converted to Flood.